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Honda Freed GB Rear Anti-roll Bar (21mm)

RM 470.00

SUPERCIRCUIT HONDA FREED GB3/ GB4 (2008-2016) Rear Anti-roll Bar 21mm.

  • Specially tuned and made for Honda Freed to prevent excessive body rolling effect during cornering yet comfortable.
  • Anti-roll Bar is from O/D 21mm hollow spring steel with excellent spring effect for best performance.
  • Suitable for STREET USE.
  • Anti-roll Bar brackets are made with laser cut and V-bent technique for precised fitment and optimum strength.
  • Anti-roll Bar upgrade-able easily to 19mm solid (RACE SPEC.) with just dismantling 4 bolts.
  • Industrial grade MATTE BLACK coating is durable and it is matching well with the chassis for a professional and original look.

For optimum chassis strength, also install the SUPERCIRCUIT FRONT STRUT BAR, FRONT UNDER BAR & FRONT LOWER BRACE made for the Honda Freed GB3/GB4.