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Honda HR-V (RV) Front Lower Brace (4-point)

RM 320.00

SUPERCIRCUIT HONDA HR-V (2022~, model code RV) Front Lower Brace Bar.

  • Strengthens the rear part of the front sub-frame on the Honda HR-V (RV), to minimize front lower chassis flex,
  • To manintain the  front suspensions' geometry for a more accurate steering, precise maneuvering and be able to maintain driving line during high speed cornering, for a safer drive.
  • Finished in our signature MATTE BLACK industrial grade heavy duty coating, it is original and professional at the undercarriage.

For optimum chassis strength and road holding capability, match it with the SUPERCIRCUIT HONDA HR-V (RV) FRONT UNDER BAR, MID CHASSIS BAR, REAR LOWER BAR and REAR ANTI-ROLL BAR.

* fits Honda HR-V (RV) e:HEV, 1.5L Turbo & 1.5L NA