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Honda CR-V 1.5T 2WD (RW) Rear Lower Bar

RM 300.00

SUPERCIRCUIT 5TH GEN HONDA CR-V 1.5 Turbo/ 2.0 (model code RW, 2017-) 2WD Rear Lower Bar.

  • Strengthen the rear lower chassis of the vehicle.
  • Significantly reducing the rear swaying effect while overtaking on highway. 
  • Carefully engineered and manufactured for precised fitment and structural integrity.
  • Industrial grade MATTE BLACK coating is scratch resistance and durable. It is matching well with the car chassis colour.
  • Fits 2WD version only (see 4WD version here).

For optimum chassis strengthening effect, match the above with the SUPERCIRCUIT 5th GEN HONDA CR-V FRONT STRUT BAR, FRONT UNDER BAR, FRONT LOWER BRACE & REAR LOWER SIDE BARS.