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Nissan Serena S-Hybrid (C26) Rear Anti-roll Bar

RM 560.00

SUPERCIRCUIT NISSAN SERENA S-HYBRID C26 (2010-2016) Rear Anti-roll Bar.

  • Developed to minimize vehicle body roll during cornering or during sharp maneuvering,
  • Further improving the stability of the vehicle during overtaking and shorten the 'recovery' time after exiting corners.
  • Also maintaining comfort of the rear passengers at the same time. 
  • Made of O/D19mm 'spring steel' material and mounted on extra thickness laser cut brackets for optimum durability and performance.

For optimize the strength of the chassis and to minimize the body flex of the Nissan Serena C26 S-Hybrid's chassis, match the above with the SUPERCIRCUIT FRONT STRUT BAR, FRONT LOWER BRACE BAR, MID CHASSIS BRACE and REAR LOWER BRACE BAR.