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Perodua AXIA (Pre-facelift model) Front Lower Brace (4-point)

RM 300.00

SUPERCIRCUIT PERODUA AXIA 1.0L (2014-2016 pre-facelift model) Front Lower Brace Bar (4-point).

  • Designed to mount at the front lower sub-frame of the Perodua AXIA.
  • To strengthen and support the front lower chassis for less front chassis flex and hold the front wheels' alignment in place for a more precised maneuvering and accurated steering.
  • Complement to the FRONT UNDER BAR to strengthen the front and rear part of the front sub-frame, to minimize front chassis flex and to maintain the front wheels' alignment.
  • Industrial grade MATTE BLACK coating is simply original and professional at the undercarriage of the Perodua AXIA!

For optimum chassis strengthening and stiffness, match the above FRONT LOWER BRACE with the SUPERCIRCUIT Perodua Axia (1KR-DE2 engine) FRONT STRUT BAR, REAR LOWER BAR, ROOM BAR and REAR UNDER CHASSIS BRACE.