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Proton SAGA (BT3) Rear Lower Brace

RM 420.00

SUPERCIRCUIT PROTON SAGA BT3 (2016~present) Rear Lower Brace.

  • Further strengthen the rear lower chassis for better and a more stabled cornering performance.
  • Minimizing fish-tailing effect which exiting sharp corners or during obstacle avoidance.
  • Finished in our signature MATTE BLACK industrial grade heavy duty coating, it simply gives a professional and original appearance at the undercarriage of your vehicle!

Fits all 3rd generation (2016~present) Proton SAGA (BT).

For optimum performance, best match the above with the SUPERCIRCUIT PROTON SAGA BT3 Front Strut Bar, Front Under Bar, Front Lower Brace, Rear Lower Bar & Rear Compartment Brace.