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Subaru WRX STI (VA) Rear Lower Wishbone Reinforcement Bars

RM 240.00

SUPERCIRCUIT SUBARU WRX STI (VA; 2015-2021) Rear Lower Wishbone Reinforcement Bars (2-pcs Kit).

  • Designed to strengthen the ends of the rear lower wishbones where they are mounted to the rear sub-frame.
  • To minimize rear lower chassis flex hence a more controlled maneuvering in and out of corners.
  • Finished in our signature MATTE BLACK industrial grade heavy duty coating is durable and matched well with the undercarriage for a stylish and professional appearance.

For optimum chassis strength and road holding capability, match it with the 2015-2021 SUPERCIRCUIT SUBARU WRX STI (VA) FRONT STRUT BAR and FRONT LOWER BRACE.

* NOT to be installed with the SUPERCIRCUIT Rear Lower Bar.