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Toyota C-HR 1.8/ 1.2T Front Under Brace

RM 340.00

SUPERCIRCUIT TOYOTA C-HR 1.8/ 1.2T (2WD) Front Under Brace

  • Strengthen the front under overhanging chassis where most of the weight of the engine sits.
  • Reducing front-end chassis flex for a more precised steering and maneuvering into and out of corners.
  • Greatly reducing the front chassis flex for sharper steering feeling.
  • Carefully developed and manufactured to ensure structural integrity and robustness.
  • Industrial grade heavy duty MATTE BLACK coating is scratch resistance and matched well with the undercarriage colour for a more professional and stylish appearance.

For optimum chassis strength and road holding capability, match it with the SUPERCIRCUIT TOYOTA C-HR FRONT STRUT BAR, FRONT LOWER BRACE (4-point), MID CHASSIS BRACE (4-point), REAR LOWER BAR and REAR LOWER SIDE BAR SET (2-pcs).