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Toyota Corolla (KE70) Rear Lower Bar

RM 240.00

SUPERCIRCUIT TOYOTA COROLLA (KE70, 1979-1987) Rear Lower Bar.

  • Strengthen the rear lower section of the vehicle's chassis.
  • To further minimizing the rear chassis flex and eliminate rear-end 'fish-tailing' effect when coming out of the corner at high speed or avoiding obstacles.
  • Engineered and manufactured with great details and car for optimum durability and performance.
  • Finished in our signature MATTE BLACK industrial grade heavy duty coating, it is simply awesome and looks original at the undercarriage of the car.

For optimum road holding and chassis strengthening, match it with the SUPERCIRCUIT TOYOTA COROLLA (KE70) FRONT UNDER BRACE, ROOM BAR, REAR UNDER BAR and ROOM BAR.