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Toyota Vios (2013-, NCP150) Mid Chassis Bar

RM 270.00

SUPERCIRCUIT 3rd Gen TOYOTA VIOS (2013-present, NCP150) Mid Chassis Bar.

  • Strengthen the middle section of the Toyota Vios NCP150 chassis.
  • To cut off rear body swinging/ fish-tailing during cornering for better handing and precised steering.
  • Brackets are made with laser cut technique for perfect fitment and maximum structural integrity.
  • Stronger brackets at both sides which are made by v-bending manufacturing technique, so lesser welding lines to avoid weak point or cracking.
  • Industrial grade MATTE BLACK heavy duty coating is durable and is matching well with the undercarriage, just like the original equipment from the manufacturer! 

For optimum chassis strengthening of the 3rd generation Toyota Vios (NCP150/ NCP151), also install the FRONT STRUT BAR, FRONT LOWER BRACE (4-point), REAR STRUT BAR and REAR LOWER BAR.